Episode 15: The Promise that Should Have Been Broken

Drew wrestles with the tough question of Jephthah: Did he really offer his daughter as a burnt offering? Or are other interpretations possible?

Correction: At one point, Drew lists Amon as a king of Judah who offered human sacrifices and calls him Manasseh’s grandfather. While Amon probably did offer human sacrifices, he was Manasseh’s son. Ahaz was Manasseh’s grandfather. 2 Kings 16:3 says he “burned his son as an offering, according to the despicable practices of the nations whom the Lord drove out before the people of Israel.”

Episode 11: Church Planting, a Conversation with Barton Kizer

Drew interviews his brother Barton about the importance of planting churches and discusses effective strategies for evangelism in the states and abroad. They discuss:

  • The team approach to church planting
  • Researching the target area
  • The dynamics between established churches and church plants
  • Setting goals for new churches
  • Multiplying churches

Episode 10: Diagnosis

Just in time for Parkinson’s Awareness Month, Drew talks about being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. People who suffer from this condition can live happy, fulfilling lives. Hopefully, this episode will help anyone struggle with a chronic condition and friends and family members who want to help.

This week’s reading is “Thanks” by W.S. Merwin.