Episode 14: Impatient God

Drew tackles the enigmatic statement in Judges 10:16: “[The Lord] became impatient over the misery of Israel” (ESV).

Show note: While C.S. Lewis’s wife is referred to as “Joy Gresham” (her first husband’s name was Gresham), she is more commonly known by her maiden name, Joy Davidman.

One Reply to “Episode 14: Impatient God”

  1. Hi Drew -I happened to bump into this podcast when looking again for the phrase impatient God – I found it while reading Bible lately and it cougth me because of the surprise element of it – that in the situation God could not stand the plight of his people any longer. However, you had a wider context and very insightful teaching about this. I will meditate on the idea of prayer changing us to “allow” God to be manifested at different level – the verse made me actually take steps I would not have taken otherwise, so I suppose some changes are taking place! Ms. Päivi Rekula, Finland in the year 2020

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